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Understanding your customers has never been more important.

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Customers demand for quality wi-fi when drinking or dining out is at its peak.

And today’s diner also expects a personalised experience, such as offers unique to them.

To increase return rates, maximise spend and maintain a great reputation you need wi-fi data that helps you grow your business.

Here’s how BT Wi-Fi can help you

Boost customer satisfaction with a best-in-class wi-fi experience

Getting online is an essential part of the whole drinking and dining and experience. We make it fast, and make it easy. Keep customers happy and staying for longer.

Understand the profile of your customers

Our suite of in-depth customer analytics will add context to your flow and EPOS data. What age range are your customers? How long do they stay for? Use this insight to plan campaigns and personalise offers.

Learn about customers’ interaction with your brand

Use historical and real-time reporting to monitor the frequency of their visits, understand their behaviour, and identify cross-estate visits.

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Increase dwell time and drive higher spend

Use our real-time customer engagement tools to push offers to customers whilst they’re in your venue. Tailor communications to certain customer groups for a highly personalised experience and more effective campaign.

Boost return rates and loyalty

Engage with your customers with a follow-up offer after they’ve left your venue, or just before their birthday for example, to encourage future visits. Entice them to return if they’ve not been back in while.


Improve customer satisfaction

Push surveys to customers as part of the wi-fi login journey, or send a follow-up email after their visit. Gain insight into what customers want from their experience, and use this to improve your menus, processes and deliver excellent customer service.

Track the performance of your locations

With powerful venue analytics, you can quickly see which of your locations are performing the best. Identify your busy periods, monitor and measure which propositions are performing best in what sites. Make key business decisions about staffing levels and menu changes.

Some of the brands we've worked with:

Maintain a great reputation

Send NPS surveys directly to your customers, or send an email reminder to leave a TripAdvisor review.

Drive app engagement

Use fully customisable landing pages to promote new ordering and payment apps, or highlight pre-booking opportunities.


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