About wi-fi

Before you start

Before you can connect to the internet by wireless, you need:

  • Mobile device with wireless capabilities (e.g. laptop, tablet or smartphone)
  • BT Broadband or BT Mobile (which comes with unlimited free BT Wi-fi minutes) or a BT Openzone subscription or voucher.
  • Your account username and password

Please check that:

  • You've selected one of the BT Wi-fi networks (eg BTOpenzone or BTWifi)
  • If you're going to access a company network, make sure you've disabled Internet Explorer proxy settings. If you need some help, please go to how to login with BT Wi-fi
  • when logging in to BT Wi-fi, you've typed your username and password correctly - remember no capital letters and please check spelling (if you've copied and pasted your username or password, make sure there's no space after it)

Need technical help?

If you've a problem, please see our common questions. If you still need some help, call us on:

  • Freefone 0800 022 33 22* (24/7) or
  • +44 132 556 0841 from outside the UK **.

* Calls to 0800 numbers are free from UK landlines and Mobiles. Mobile costs may vary. Check out bt.com/pricing for details.

** International number is charged at your telephone provider's international call rates.


Get BT Wi‑fi internet access now.

Need help connecting?

Get help setting up a wireless connection on your device and view our step to step guides to logging in.

Common Questions

Lots of help about BT Wi‑fi, BT Broadband and choosing which wi‑fi access is best for you.